I would love to say that I am systematically working through a defined catalogue of cookbooks but that’s not the way my brain works. The cookbooks that appeal to me are sometimes faddy, sometimes iconic, sometimes just pretty. If you have a great cookbook that you think I should include please drop me a quick note. Some of the books I review are the latest best seller (particularly if it is near Christmas or my birthday when my family go into cookbook overdrive on the presents front), others will be from legendary chefs or cookery writers.

Quick note – I typically avoid cookbooks that are designed to help you to cook without particular stuff – so low-fat, vegan, lactose-free etc., gluten free specialist books won’t really figure here – I’m not judging anyone, just not my gig.

These reviews are about the look and feel of the book, as well as its usability and, importantly, who it might best suit. I have attempted some recipes from any book I review, more than once if possible, just to check that it is me and not the recipe that is at fault when things go wrong! All the reviews are my personal experience and opinion – you might well feel differently about anything or everything I have to say on a particular book.

Do I have a favourite cookbook? Like many people I have go-to books for different types of dishes and I know I have at least one book that has been used so much the pages are stuck together with food spills. But I really believe that every cookbook has at least one fantastic recipe just waiting to be found – the one that will have your family or friends accusing you of neglect because you didn’t cook it sooner.

Happy cooking! Or just happy reading if you’re a couch-chef!